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You may find yourself creating a pros and cons list of hydroseeding before deciding to move forward with the process. There are many things to consider especially whenever deciding which type of grass to choose. However, we have created a pros and cons list for you!


First, let’s start with the pros of hydroseeding.


Money Conscious
Let’s discuss the cost first. Hydroseeding cost about 75% less than laying sod and still holds the same quality of sod. The main difference is that when you lay sod, you have grass immediately. With hydroseeding, you must wait a few weeks to see the results. However, a hydroseeded lawn takes very little time in getting established.


Effective for large lawns
Let’s go back to #1 – cost effective. Having a larger yard means more coverage which results to more money. However, if you decide to hydroseed a large yard, you will be saving a lot of money compared to sodding your yard! Also, if your yard has hills or sloping lawns, hydroseeding is more effective as the seeds stay input. Hydroseeding a large yard can be done in a very quick amount of time and takes a lot less labor time than sodding a yard.


Choose your blend
One of the main benefits of hydroseeding is that you have the option to decide what type of seed you would like to use. Of course, we will have recommendations for you, but at the end of the day it is your decision. We base our recommendations off various conditions such as soil, shade, and other tough conditions.


Better Quality
Typically, a hydroseeded lawn tends to be much healthier and longer lasting than a yard with sod. The root is developed deeper in the soil and has superior results. Hydroseeding is known to have less weed seeds and no layers of soil.


Hydroseeding is a non-toxic process and is completely safe! It is harmless to kids, pets, and the environment.


Now, let’s move on to the cons. Like everything, there are still several cons that you should know and consider before deciding whether hydroseeding is right for your project.


It Takes Time
Hydroseeding does not happen overnight, unlike sod. If you have a hard time practicing patience than hydroseeding may not be for you. You will not see immediate effects and it can take 5-8 weeks before you have enough grass to mow it. If you want a finished lawn right away, then the best option would be to use sod.


Watering Required
Once you hydroseed your yard, there is a lot of water that is required to make sure the grass grows correctly. We recommend that you water your yard about 5-10 minutes per zone at least five times per day until it germinates. Once you see germination, you can then move to watering your yard twice a day for 20 minutes for 1-2 weeks. After that, you can then move to watering your yard for 40 minutes twice a week.

Your yard does not need to be sopping wet, but it does need to be moist for the grass to grow properly.


Getting the mix right
There are numerous elements that are involved in the mix, and it is important to ensure that each component is correct. Once the mix is made, it cannot be undone. If mistakes are made with other seeding methods, they are much easier to change.


Not DIY Worthy
Unfortunately, hydroseeding cannot be done by yourself. It is recommended that you hire a professional to hydroseed your yard correctly the first time. Hydroseeding requires a high level of precision and needs to be done by a professional. Also, a hydroseeder is very expensive and you should not waste your money on the equipment for a one-time use.


We hope these questions have been helpful to you and that you understand the Hydroseeding process better. However, if you still have further questions, please email us at